Eye Care Mission

Welcome to Eye Care Mission (ECM). We want to congratulate you on your admittance to Eye Care Mission and wish you luck in your service journey through ECM.

ECM is a non-profit, social service organization founded in December 2007. it is one of the Nellore (A.P) area's most experienced and established volunteer-based organizations, helping to improve the lives of visually challenged people.

Our Motto : "Sarvendhriyaanam Nayanam Pradhaanam" is the main motto of our Organization.


  • To help visually challenged people by giving Moral Support.
  • To help the poor visually challenged students financially.
  • To Conduct Blood Camps periodically and to donate the blood whomever in needy.
  • To help the poor students economically.
  • To give the best service to visually challenged people.


  • To Create awareness in public about the donation of eyes.
  • To show light for the Visually challenged people.
  • To provide hostel facilities for poor visually challenged people.
  • To become a best non-profitable Organization.
  • To show the world for visually challenged people by donating eyes to as many as we can.
  • To build Orphan homes, Old age homes throughout Andhra Pradesh.